Tips Saving For College Bill

Fall is in the air-no, wait, it’s hot humid and summer-like. Okay, fall isn’t quite in the air but the fall semester for school is gearing up; especially for those college-age children. Parents of college-age children all around the world have almost physically felt the sprouting of more grey hairs due to the surmounting college bills that are rolling in. So what can these financially stressed out parents do to rein in somewhat those college expenditures?

Here are a few ideas that may help with those oh so tight college budgets. Unfortunately, these won’t be able to help with all the sticker shock for parents sending their children off to college but there are a few areas that a little frugality can make a difference; such as saving on textbook purchases. Try these textbook-saving ideas and maybe you can feel a little financial relief in your college spending.

• – Parents and students trying to find and purchase for reasonable prices the long list of college textbooks can find relief when browsing through this site. This site has one of the largest varieties of offerings in the area of college textbooks. The other bonus, parents can simply type in the ISBN (the coded bar number assigned with the printing of the book, colleges usually provide this on the required textbook list) and voila, tons of offerings at different prices appear for their query. Then they simply need to choose their condition-grade level (this is based upon the condition of the book and whether it has writing, highlighting, creased pages, or damage and will directly affect the price). A tremendous amount of money can be saved by using this option of purchasing off

• eBay, Amazon – These two online retail, resell sites of gently used merchandise are also great sites for finding, at a more pocket-book friendly price, those much-needed textbooks for college. Many college students, some who weren’t as lucky as you to read this article and find textbook saving ideas, were forced to spend full-value for their textbooks; so they-if their thrifty-will resell them online to the next wave of college students that are taking the same classes requiring the same textbooks.

• Renting Your Textbooks – A new option for college students in the area of textbook buying is being able to choose the option of renting their textbooks instead of buying. Many textbook selling sites make this option available to students, including and most college bookstores. But beware, there are caveats to the renter that they should be fully aware of before agreeing to this method of textbook purchase. Things such as: losing the books, damaging the books or late fees can end up making the cost of this option more prohibitive than the benefit. So read your “terms of agreement” statements carefully if you wish to reap the full benefit of this choice.

The cost of college education, unquestionably, has skyrocketed but there are areas that parents can find some savings. As in any other area of our financial life being an informed consumer can really pay great benefits for the total of that college bill. The buying of textbooks though doesn’t have to be the financial hardship that it would have been with a little research


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